Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Fast Tips for Fun Kid Pics

If most of your pictures are similar in posing and orientation (horizontal, head on, faces all looking directly at the camera), consider turning your ideas upside down. This photo, taken of my daughter and her cousins at a photography convention this past summer, is a reminder of the wonderful days we spent together.

To spark your creativity, try the following:

Have your children wear bright colored shirts and have them lie down in green grass (which may be difficult to come by this time of year, I know). You can also shoot these pictures in the snow with your kids bundled up in bright jackets.

Stand over them until you have the shot framed as you’d like.

Ask them to keep their eyes closed and then open them wide when you count to three. This technique is great in eliminating squinty eyes and half-closed lids, and it works especially well when you’re shooting in bright sunlight.

While those lazy days of summer may be gone for awhile, you can use the same techniques to create wonderful winter shots!


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