Monday, April 06, 2009

On the Hunt for Great Easter Photos

Easter Sunday comes early this year, so now’s the time to get ready to record exuberant little egg-hunters as they search nearby land for treasures nestled in the grass and hidden from view.
Here are a few ideas to help ensure you’re ready to hop on that perfect shot:

·Visualize in Advance: Are there certain traditions held each year that you’d like to capture? Plan a few shots and consider which locations would give you the best results. For example, before the kids run in an Easter egg hunt, where should you stand to make sure you capture their faces in the photograph

·Check Your Gear: Is your digital camera’s battery fully charged? Have you downloaded pictures from previous events onto your computer and re-formatted your camera card so it’s ready to go? Do you remember how to use the timer function? It only takes a few minutes to make sure your camera gear is ready, and it’s worth the time if it saves you from having your camera battery shut down in the middle of all the fun.

·Prepare Your Props and Place: If you want to shoot posed images, consider setting up one mini shooting area and include props such as an Easter basket, stuffed animal rabbits or other items you feel would properly adorn your photos in a kid-friendly way. Check how the image is framed in advance to determine if your props are properly spaced and leave enough room for your subjects.

·Capture Color: Easter is filled with colorful eggs, dresses and decorations. Consider taking a few close-up shots that center on a single colorful object or arrangement. Try to keep the image composition simple so the color is stunning.

·Get Low: Crouch down low during the egg hunt to give your photos a unique and personal perspective. Let the child’s reach be at the forefront of the image and shoot upward; the result is candid and yet very personal.


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