Thursday, April 24, 2008

All You Ever Wanted To Know About Lighting

I love this lighting blog.

It all started when David Hobby wanted to pass along lighting advice to a friend. He wrote down some tips and created a little blog called The Strobist. Now that little blog commands more than 1.6 million page views a month, according to an article in USA Today, and Hobby’s lighting tips have turned into a resource for over 200,000 photographers.

"David has demystified flash photography," says noted photographer Joe McNally, who has shot for National Geographic and Sports Illustrated. "David's made it accessible and given solutions to people that aren't beyond the reach of your average Joe."

Or your average Jane.

Professional photographers know that being able to effectively use light is one of the most important skills in the photo toolbox. Hobby’s site, which is designed to help people using DSLR cameras, makes the skill of lighting something most of us can grasp and properly apply.

As for this average Jane, she’s hooked.
To visit the Strobist, click

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Sometimes You Just Get Lucky...

This of my twin boys..was a total surprise.

We were shooting on the beach in bright sunlight, so the LCD screen wasn't much help, but when we returned from our trip, I downloaded the series of pictures and came across this shot.

I haven't stopped laughing since.

It's such a fantastic representation of their relationship..easy, funny and always entertaining. Yes, they bicker--even boys with the same DNA will both desire the same Hotwheels car--but they are truly best friends and are always ready with a goofy inside joke, a sideturned smile or a sidewalk chalk covered embrace.

So, when your kids are playing or showing some tenderness to one another, grab your camera.

Sometimes you just get lucky.